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Opinion/Review on Korn CDs
One of Korn's best albums, every song on here is good, though there are some moments which people could find disturbing. The last song is the biggest example to this.
This CD really set the groundwork for Nu-Metal. While Korn wasn't the first band who had these ideas, they were the first to really put them together.
There really aren't any outright crappy moments on this CD to me. Some moments go on for a little long though, but you can say that about every Korn CD.
---Life is Peachy---
The follow up to the 1st album, and it is more aggressive than the first album. There is a lot of screaming on this album and very noisy breakdowns. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I have to be in a mood to listen to this album in comparison. I feel Life is Peachy has filler in comparison to the first Korn album, but it still is a good album on an overall basis.
---Follow the Leader---
Tied for Korn's best album to me, amazing production values and very good song
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Opinion/Review on Static-X CDs
---Wisconsin Death Trip---
This is tied for the best album made by Static-X to me. Ever song on here including December is just great. Very good dance meets Metal album. Every song on here is catchy and accessible.
I will say December has a slow start up, but it builds. It is the most melancholic song on here, but it has great lyrics. I listened to this song as soon as I found out Wayne Static died.
Just as good as Wisconsin Death Trip. Whatever you think about the band members of Static-X at this time period, this is a great album. It is heavier than the 1st, but it just is as dance heavy and it works incredibly well.
I like every single song on here, even the last instrumental one on here.
Static-X was never able to make an album as good as this one after.
---Shadow Zone---
A good album with a certain amount of filler. Shadow Zone has quite a number of Static-X's best songs, but it also has a certain amount that just isn't that good or is average at
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Opinion/Review of NIN albums
---Pretty Hate Machine---
It's an ok album. I never understood the mass hype this album has been given, aside from the singles and 1-2 songs, I don't understand why a lot of people think this is one of the best NIN albums. Something I Can Never Have is a fantastic song, and is the highlight. It's by far and away the best song on this CD to me, and the one that has aged the best.
The 3 singles are good stuff as well, none of them have moments which I think are downright bad, but Down in it is very cheesy. In fact, this whole album may be the corniest NIN CD ever, though I'll always debate that.
As for the rest of the CD Ringfinger is an ok yet goofy song. It's like what if you took a song like Something I Can Never Have and just made it totally goofy and silly and ruined all the seriousness.
The angriest NIN release. While this is an EP it trims most of the filler away and creates one of the most focused Industrial/Industrial Metal/Rock releases I have heard.
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3DS picture upload test 2 (Robin) :icongexisunderrated:gexisunderrated 0 0 3DS picture upload test 1 (Robin) :icongexisunderrated:gexisunderrated 0 0
Does anyone have Super Smash Bros 3DS?
If you do, my friend code is 0877-1945-1620.
Hopefully one of you has a copy of this game.
I like playing as female Robin/Avatar/My Unit the most.
My 2nd favorite is Lucina, though I can play as other characters as well.
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Opinion/Review of Mudvayne CDs
---L.D. 50---
This CD is usually regarded as the best album by the band, and I can see why in a lot of ways. This is the most quirky out of all of their albums. Personally I think this is the 2nd best album by the band, because I tend to find the middle section of the album is somewhat weaker in comparison to the beginning and end. 
I really do like the bass playing on this album. I think Ryan was one of the best bass players in terms of Alternative Metal/Nu-Metal and just Metal music in general. He has his own specific style of bass playing with his 5 string bass but he made it work. He used every single string on his bass guitar. 
Of course Ryan was always the best member by far of Mudvayne, but I don't really have a problem with that. I think the drumming is good and the vocals are good as well. 
Lyrically Mudvayne usually talks about drugs the most on this album and how they can affect people. There are moments where they stray from that formula such as Nothin
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Opinion/Review on Marilyn Manson CDs
---Portrait of an American Family---
A good way to start out a career, while this is not the best CD Manson has created, it has a lot of good songs on it.
Dope Hat, Lunchbox, Sweet Tooth, Dogma, and Organ Grinder are my favorites. Out of all of Manson's albums this one feels the most like an Alice Cooper one. This is arguably the goofiest Manson album. While the next 3-4 albums are better than this one, this is an ok way to start with the band. 
---Antichrist Superstar---
Tied for my favorite Manson album. This one also had Trent Reznor producing from Nine Inch Nails. It is a pretty dark album for the most part in terms of lyrics. The main character in the concept album is a villain protagonist, and there is depth to the lyrics as well. There is a lot of metaphors in Manson's lyrics, and I didn't understand that well the first couple to few times I listened to the songs. 
However, I can listen to this entire album from start to finish. I really do like how the a
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I am a big fan, I have 6 of his mixtapes/CDs on my hard drive.
Where can I get all of his material.

I know it's on Spotify btw.




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